Jersey Bell of Kapriver
Sire:Kapriver Schigley Kid
Dam: Ram River Maiden in Alberta
Whelped: July 7 2011

      Waiting for my next retrieve!

A great hunting day!
Enjoying the pond!


Working Hard!


Hanging with George!

Achievements:  Jersey has never been entered in a Field Trial however that is not to say she wouldn't pass with flying colours.  She comes from strong field hunting lines and has hunted with us extensively.  She loves the water, and loves it better if there is a duck to retrieve. She is trained to flush upland game as well, though our success here seems to be the limited game available in the area.



Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 Kapriver Schigley Kid



 FT/AFTCH Ritchie's Toronto Bust

Wingsets Ginger Snap


 Ram River Maiden in Alberta

Ram River Roman Reign
FTCH Ram River Spice Girl




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